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15 amp circuits are rated for a maximum of 1800 watts. Most irons available in today’s market range from 1000 to 1400 watts, or more. Whenever you are using over 50% of any circuit, dimming of lights may occur – this is common. As a rule, the maximum continuous wattage is at 80% of the circuit’s rating.

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Used mainly in kitchen, nook, dining, and bathrooms, 20 amp circuits are rated for a maximum of 2400 watts. Most vacuum cleaners use 12 to 18 amps, or 1440 to 2160 watts, depending on the style of the vacuum cleaner. This will cause lights to dim. When using the power head attachment, any binding up will trip most breakers. If you did not purchase a dedicated circuit for your vacuum cleaner, we recommend you use the bathroom, dining room, nook, or kitchen outlets.

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When using these types of outlets, we recommend the following two-step procedure: Line up the cord cap and then with one quick motion push all the way in. These types of outlets are initially very tight and require equal pressure when plugging something into it.

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All kitchen counters have two 20 amp GFI protected circuits. When using two or more counter appliances your circuit breaker may trip. Try balancing your appliances out with the two circuits that are provided.

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Homeowners should test / reset all GFCI outlets on a bi-annual basis by pushing the Test button and then the Reset button on all GFCI outlets. If you find that the GFCI outlet has tripped and will not reset, verify that the breaker to the circuit is not tripped. Typically, exterior outlets and garage outlets are controlled by the master GFCI, which is located in the garage. Bathroom outlets are controlled by a master GFCI in a bathroom. Kitchen counter outlets are controlled by one of two master GFCI’s, located in the kitchen.

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Lights controlled by switches in two or more locations are called three way or four wayswitches. The do not have a set “on” or “off” position, but work in conjunction with the other switch(es). Care should be taken not to assume the device is de-energized because the switch appears to be in the off position.

Many rooms are pre-wired for ceiling fans. Some of these include two switches. If you do not have a fan installed, these switches may appear to do nothing. Other pre-wires may also appear to have non-functioning switches, such as floodlight pre-wires and coach light pre-wires. Always make sure switches and/or that the circuit is off and de-energized before installing fixtures on these pre-wires.

Half-switched outlets are common in bedrooms and other living areas. If you locate a receptacle on which only one of the two outlets work, locate the switches in the general area, and then turn each switch until the switch that controls the other half of the outlet is located.


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